The Sexy Lookbook

This is how my days go…..and this is why I can firmly say that I never feel bored. Today’s task at hand was to throw out old floppy disks I had laying around, taking up space in my white desk’s drawer. But true to form I couldn’t just chuck them out. I had to make sure there isn’t something of value on them. Perhaps an old grade 9 school project I don’t want to part with, or photographs from high school of friends, or maybe even my essay on Mahatma Gandhi which I am very proud of (not only because of the high grade, but because he sparked a shift in my thinking, my paradigm).

So here I am going through these floppy disks and two of them happen to be labelled ‘Aishwarya Rai’. I should’ve just chucked them out. I no longer think the world of her as I used to back in grade 7-11, so how do her pictures even matter to me now? Plus everything can be found online. Better pictures, more megapixels etc. Plus I want to get out of my bad habit of right-clicking and saving pictures I like AND never to look at them again. Just wasting space on my computer. In fact, the reason for starting this blog is related to the need of freeing up space on my computer’s hard drive. Plus posts can be tagged here, so they are easily found & that too remotely. :)

Anyhow, so I delete the pictures of Aishwarya Rai and chuck out the floppy disk. I should’ve stopped there and moved onto the next floppy disk. But nope! What do I do? I google “Aishwara Rai” images….and start falling in love with her a tad bit all over again. If not for any other reason, but for the fact that she’s just a beauty. There’s no denying that. Clicking through photos, I landed on these ones taken by British celeb photographer Jamie Hughes (the first 5 photographs are his, the rest are just ones I like of Aishwarya that I came across). He seems to take all types of pictures but he’s most well known for his portraits of international celebrities. I’m quite fond of his work.

I guess there are some positives of having ADD tendencies. Your curiousity brings you to things you begin to have an admiration for that perhaps you may not otherwise of begun. :)

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